Do You Have The Guts?

I had surgery two weeks ago to repair damage done to my intestines from adhesions and strictures. It was the second time my abdomen has been opened up, in a nice long line, from my belly button to my pubic bone. During the surgery, the doctor pulls all of your intestines out and examines them inch by inch to make sure they get all the bad part taken care of. I had about a foot of small intestine removed because it was so damaged. It wasn’t a procedure I wanted to go through but it was necessary if I was to have any quality of life. I was malnourished and had lost a great deal of weight because the damage was preventing my body was using the vitamins and minerals I was taking in.

God never promised we would have a life free from pain and trouble. As a matter of fact, our lives are a little like my surgery. Over time, if we don’t take care, we build up scar tissue and strictures, from living defeated lives, which prevent us from having a closer relationship with God. We resent the trials and pain and blame God for our misfortunes. The nourishment we might receive from him passes through us because we are too damaged to use it. Our lives are cluttered with unnecessary barriers that need to be cleaned out so we can live a healthy, spiritual life.

The process is painful and takes time to heal but if you take one day at a time you will find yourself healthy and able to use the nourishment you receive. The question is: do you have the guts? Do you have the guts to examine your life and see where you need to clean out scar tissue and damage? Do you have the guts to allow God to clean up the areas of your life which need changing? Do you have the guts to face the process, knowing it will be painful, but worth it in the end?

Don’t wait until the strictures and scars in your life obstruct God’s work. Ask God to show you the areas in your life that need changing and fix them now before you need spiritual surgery to correct the problem.


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