The Trial Run

One of my favorite “I Love Lucy” episodes was the one where Ricky, Ethel and Fred practiced for the upcoming birth of Ricky and Lucy’s child. Each person had a task to do, should Lucy go into labor, and time after time they walked through the steps so the process would go smoothly. Methodically, and robotically, they went through the motions of preparing for the baby’s impending birth. They were in control of the situation, or so it seemed. Lucy came out of the bedroom, declaring it was time to go to the hospital and chaos broke out. Each person forget their job and ran around frantically leaving poor Lucy standing in the apartment alone. They weren’t really prepared for the big event.

Our life is a trial run for when we enter eternity to be with God and when he will set up his kingdom on earth. Hebrews 13:14 says, “For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.” As Christians, we are to be looking forward to heaven and to the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom. Are you preparing for that glorious day by just going through the motions? You might go to church on Sundays but the rest of the week you’re preoccupied with getting ahead in life, looking out for yourself, and ignoring the needs of those around you. You forget to pray or spend time in God’s word so you don’t learn more about him and what he deems important. You can’t spend time with God but make time to watch “The Bachelor” or “Big Brother” or “Duck Dynasty”. You make no special place for God in your life.

When the big event occurs, when we’re transitioned to our eternal home, we will be unprepared. Our earthly pursuits will be meaningless and we will be left standing and wondering what to do. Every seemingly important endeavor we chased after will be foreign in our new home. In heaven, we will be living totally and completely for God’s glory. For all eternity we will honor and praise him. Everything we do will be for him. Our lives, here on earth, are to be a preparation or trial run for when we enter our promised reward. We need to be living lives devoted to honoring God and bringing him glory. By reaching out to people who are hurting, by meeting the needs of others and by putting God first in our lives, we will be preparing for our eventual home.

How is your trial run going? Will you be prepared?


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