Christian faith

12 Years – Part One

There are no coincidences in God’s timing of events in our lives. Things happen at the precise moment they are supposed to occur–in order to bring glory to Him. We are amazed and astonished by what happens but God planned it all.

Mark 5 is a perfect example of how events come together at the exact time they are meant to. Mark 5 is the story of two women–one an adult woman who has been dealing with a painful medical problem which caused her to bleed continuously and the other a young girl just coming into womanhood. What do they have in common? 12 years. The young girl, who was 12 years old, was on her deathbed and her father, a leader in the synagogue, had come to Jesus begging for help for his daughter because he had heard Jesus could heal. The woman had been afflicted with her illness for 12 years and because of the nature of the disease was deemed “unclean” and was required to stay at home. Imagine–when the young girl was born, the woman was struck down by her disease–12 years. God in his wisdom caused their lives to intersect in one day in order to demonstrate his power and instill faith in the hearts of the unbelieving.

Jairus, a leader in the local synagogue has approached Jesus and begged him to come heal his daughter. Jesus agreed and began following Jairus to his home. Naturally, a huge crowd was following and people were pressing in on all sides. The woman, hearing Jesus was in town, decided to leave her home (breaking the law) in order to see if he would heal her. When she found him, she was dismayed. The crowd was thick with people and her hope of speaking to him seemed remote. However, she was not dissuaded. She had risked everything to come here. “If I can only touch his robe,” she thought, “I can be healed.” She pushed her way through the crowd and caught sight of Jesus just steps away from her. Slipping to the ground she dragged herself through the dirt, stretched out her hand and briefly touched the hem of his robe.

Mark 5:29 tells us, “Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.” One brief touch, one moment of pure faith, and she was healed. The crowd swarmed around her and she slipped quietly into the mass of people.

Jesus, however, felt power going out from himself. He turns around and says, “Who touched my clothes?” (Mark 5:30) His disciples look at him like he is crazy. “You see all these people crowding around you. What kind of question is that?” Mark 5:32 is an important transition. “But Jesus kept looking around to see who had done it.” The fact is, Jesus knew who had done it and as his eyes scanned the crowd they found the woman’s eyes looking back at him. In that second, she could acknowledge what happened or she could turn and walk away with no one ever knowing.

She begins walking through the crowd towards Jesus. Maybe some recognize her and shrink away from her “uncleanness”. As she reaches Jesus, she falls at his feet and confesses what she’s done. Jesus does not condemn her for breaking the law by touching him in her unclean state. Jesus, with Jairus by his side says, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”

Her faith, focused on Jesus, healed her and was a testimony not only to the crowd but to a desperate father waiting for his miracle.


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