Have You Been To Massah?

I’ve been to Massah, have you? If you read Exodus 17 you will read the story of the¬†Israelites who have been wandering in the desert after God delivered them miraculously from their Egyptian masters by parting the Red Sea. God had provided food for the people, quail and manna,¬†and still they complained instead of trusting God to know their needs and provide for them. Exodus 17:7 says they were “testing God”. So, God gave Moses the power to strike a rock with his staff and provided water for the unfaithful people. If you continue reading through Exodus you’ll see it wasn’t the last time the Israelites turned from God which is why the generation which left Egypt did not cross over into the promised land.

In the past year, I’ve seen God provide my needs in miraculous and unexpected ways. Always, when a need has arrived God has provided and yet I find myself returning to Massah and worrying and complaining because I take my eyes off God. All I see is my immediate need and not the blessing of God’s provision. I am such a human being and I want so much to get past the doubt and uncertainty and say with confidence, “My God will provide my needs” and believe it!

Why is it we rejoice greatly when God has supplied our needs, as He promised, and yet we worry and fret and stress out when another pressure arrives? Why can’t we just rest and relax knowing 1)God knows our needs and 2)He will provide? Why do we allow Satan to work in our lives and test God? Christ faced deep hunger and physical needs and Satan would have been more than happy to meet those needs if Christ submitted to him but Jesus knew his father was in control and defeated Satan by saying the very words we need to utter when doubt overcomes us, “You shall not test the Lord your God.”

I will probably visit Massah again but I’m praying one day it will be a distant memory as I abide in God’s presence in the promised land remembering he knows what I need and he will provide.