Fully Persuaded

I had my morning devotionals as usual today. Some days, I just thank God for giving us his word and for the freedom to read the Bible and worship unopposed. Some days, God reveals amazing principles and I am beyond grateful because I am astounded by the God of the universe teaching me lessons. Sometimes I hoard the lessons and other times I feel he wants me to share them because they reach into people’s lives, right where they are at, and bring them comfort and hope.

I am reading through the book of Romans now and it takes some effort. The principles Paul is teaching take a while to absorb and appreciate. But, if you’ve read through the Bible up to Romans the history helps to reveal the nugget of truth he is trying to convey. Today, in Romans 4, a prayer I’ve had running through my heart for days was answered. I’m in a transition place in my life and it requires some faith to move forward each day. I’ve been struggling with how to have more faith, I don’t have enough, and I want so much to have the faith that moves mountains. In Romans 4, Paul is writing about Abraham and how his faith was accounted to him for righteousness. What kind of faith did Abraham have that God made him righteous? God made a promise to Abraham he would be the father of a great nation. Abraham was 100 years old and his wife, Sarah, was 90. To be the father of a nation you need children and “against all hope Abraham, in hope, believed.” He didn’t see his future including children, grandchildren or great grandchildren. Yet, Abraham believed God, did not waver in unbelief, and was fully persuaded God had the power to do what he promised. This is our example of real faith.

We don’t know our future which is why God tells us to take care of today. But, we are to have faith in God, unwavering faith, and be persuaded God has the power to do what he promises. “My God will provide your needs” is not a maybe statement. God has promised to provide our needs and if we are persuaded, he has the power to do it, our faith will not waver in the face of impossible odds. Against all hope, in hope, let us strive each day to give God praise knowing he is powerful and able to do what he promised.


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