True Christian Persecution

President Obama recently ordered the air drop of humanitarian supplies to a religious group located in the Sinjar mountains in Iraq. The Yazidi, or Yezidi, are being persecuted and executed because of their religious beliefs. The terrorist group, ISIS, is forcing them to convert to Islam or die. These individuals are fleeing from persecution and the United States is doing what it can to help them.

Who are the Yazidi? This article, from NBC News, gives a synopsis of the group:

The Yazidi are a sect of Zoroastrianism. They believe in a supreme being who created the earth which is being watched over by 7 angels. They recognize Jesus as a great prophet and are friendly with Christians. But, they are not Christians as Christian is defined. As terrifying and tragic as their circumstances are, they are not true believers and it is false to tell their story by saying “Christians are being persecuted.”  We should be compassionate and desire to help these unfortunate people but let’s be honest about whom we are helping.  Syriac Orthodox and Catholics are being forced to leave their homes unless they convert to Islam. Crosses are being ripped down from churches and replaced with loudspeakers proclaiming Islam. True believers, who have turned from Islam to follow Christ, are considered apostate and face two choices: recant their faith and return to Islam or die.

Believers are being persecuted around the world and not receiving the kind of media attention as the Yazidi. Saeed Abedini is an Iranian American Christian pastor imprisoned in Iran. He has been detained in Iran since the summer of 2012 and incarcerated in Evin Prison since September 2012. Pleas by Pastor Abedini’s family seem to fall on deaf ears and he languishes in prison because of his faith. There are no “compassionate” attempts to rescue him.

If you want to read about Christian persecution, visit the Voice of the Martyrs page. Here you will read about the persecution of true believers–those who have accepted Christ as their personal savior recognizing he is more than just a good prophet. These are people who face death every day and know what real sacrifice for Christ means. We need to pray for these Christians who endure extreme punishment simply for believing in Jesus Christ.



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