The hazy, hot days of summer are here and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused when the brilliant sun is shining outside and beaches are just a short drive away. Can I say I’m being lazy? I have a list of article topics I need to work on but the reflection of the sun on my desk beckons me to wait just a little longer. However, I will purpose in my heart to get the work done and keep to my schedule. I am thankful, though, I don’t have a windowless cubicle job. So, I’m mustering my motivation and getting to work…now…


Pressing On

Praise God. I have a few more articles which have been sold and will be published in the Spring of 2015. Publishing schedules are so different now than when I first started writing back in the 80s. I would sell an article and 2 or 3 months later it was published. Now, everything is planned and scheduled far in advance. I’m so blessed to be used by God to write about the experiences He has allowed me to go through in life. Not so pretty, at times, but valuable in teaching me the difference between a life lived for myself and a life lived for Him and others. As soon as I have links to the articles I’ll publish them. I’m working on a few more as well as a children’s version of “A Month of Miracles”. My 9 year old grandson, Mikah, is reading the version I published each night before he goes to bed. I’d like to have one that speaks more directly to children.