Moving Forward

I’m on the last chapter of my devotional, “A Month of Miracles”. I set out to write a devotional to help other people and throughout the entire process of creating this the Lord has taught ME lessons. Every chapter is imbued with the experiences and challenges in my life and how God has used “miracles” to draw me closer to Him. Now, I’ll be spending some time refining the work and then I’ll be ready to send it to Amazon. I’m praying for God’s timing since He is the one who has been directing this from the beginning.

I’ve contributed articles to “Purpose” and “Now What?” magazines which will be published in the near future. I’ve got more out there and I’m waiting to hear from the publishers. I was out of writing for over 30 years due to many factors including raising my family and being out of the will of God. Praise Him, He drew me back several years ago and I am right where He wants me now–writing and devoting my life to His work. Every day is a magnificent unfolding of His goodness and mercy and I can’t thank Him enough for His love.

I’ve learned moving forward is not an option. If you want to follow God’s will you have no choice.


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